Reviews of Peter's work


"That we view Bahouth’s stereoscopic photos differently after experiencing the exhibition illustrates the success of “Pause” in creating the level of fresh insight it sets out to instill. Once we have let its lessons sink into us—something that requires exactly the pause or interruption of the flow of time that it discusses—we are aware of many things that  previously may have passed unnoticed, and we are aware of them both experientially and analytically."

Jerry Callum, 'Pause' Review

"Bahouth is playing with children’s toys to resolve thoroughly grown-up dilemmas. How far his model can carry us is suggested by the level of engagement displayed by fascinated viewers. The exhibit contains visual information that almost everyone can get, and get with or get behind."

Jerry Callum, 'Birth of a Red Planet' Review

"The austere atmosphere of Bahouth’s exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery in no way betrays the rich visuals concealed within the viewing stands. “Sadie’s Choice” heightens the voyeuristic aspect of looking and makes possible the discovery of fantasy worlds that paradoxically exist in “real” space."

Joyce Youmans, 'Sadie's Choice' Review

"The view that awaits the spectator inside each sterile viewing station, however, is startlingly wondrous, even to eyes that have grown accustomed to seeing the miraculous materialized by computer-generated imagery. The initial clinical appearance of Vent belies the surprising fantasy awaiting the viewer, especially because the intimate, voyeuristic nature of viewing each stereoscope emphasizes the private and personal quality of each experience. It’s amusing to realize that despite the availability of so many technological tools that enable the visualization of previously unbelievable fantasies today, Bahouth’s use of an antique, popular form of technology transports the viewer into a believable world of real space make-believe."

Dinah McClintock, 'VENT' Review