3D medium format / 35mm
fine art + commercial works

Stereoscopic, or 3D, photography is as old as photography itself. Through the stereo viewer with its two lenses eye-width apart, each eye sees different images that then unite by the mechanism of our brain, creating an illusion of depth.

In an age of ubiquitous photography made public, stereoscopic photography seen through a viewer stands out as an intimate and private experience. Peering into a viewing device at a stereoscopic image creates the illusion of traveling through time to a place. The image becomes your entire visual context, one showing someone or something as it exists in physical space. Pausing to look into the viewer is a physical interaction by the observer that mimics the frozen moment of the photograph itself. The observer and the subject are both stopped in time, one in the present, the other frozen between past and future.

I utilize stereoscopic photography as a medium to address aesthetic issues raised by the biology of vision and the problem of portraying space. Concepts of vision and perspective have been central to my work with stereoscopic photography, but I am equally motivated by a personal history with stereo images and my interest in their contemporary use.

- Peter Bahouth

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